Here in the San Antonio, TX area, there are a lot of sports fans. Whether it’s football, basketball, hockey or soccer, the fans here are some of the best. Most of the time however, these fans aren’t able to make it to the game so they end up watching it at home. Instead of just watching television on your couch, you should come down to the best local sports bar for all of your sporting needs. The Roo Pub is a great place to go with your friends and family to have a good time drinking and watching sports. Come by today to see for yourself just how great we are.

Here at The Roo Pub, we have everything that you would want from your local sports bar. Good food and drinks, many high definition televisions, and an amazing atmosphere that is sure to make your night great. We have also included special events for certain days in the week. Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, we have NFL watch parties. On Saturday we like to invite every Aggie fan for our Texas A & M watch parties. Every event that we host comes with special pricing on food and drinks. What could be better than watching your favorite sports team and drinking your favorite beer for a low price? So next time you are sitting at home watching your favorite team on your couch, just remember that you and your friends could be enjoying the game in a great atmosphere here at The Roo Pub.

The Roo Pub is the only local sports bar that you will want to go to. From our unique style to our amazing food, we are the place to be at when your favorite sports team is playing. Come by today to see what we are all about here at The Roo Pub.


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