When living in San Antonio, there are a lot of places that you can go to in order to have a fun night. Most people decide to go out to local pubs. Sadly, most of these pubs don’t have great pub food. Luckily for you, when you come to The Roo Pub, you will get some amazing pub food. With styles and tastes originating from Australia, your taste buds are bound to get a unique yet flavorful experience. Instead of getting the usual like nachos or wings, The Roo Pub brings you items like our made from scratch fish and chips. So come by The Roo Pub today to get a new and unique taste on pub food.

With many places serving food around San Antonio, it could be hard to figure out which one is the best. Everyone has their usual place to get food, but why not change it up a bit. Break out of your normal routine and try something exciting and unique? The Roo Pub is just that place, serving you unique pub food like our habanero glazed shrimp and grits, our deep fried deviled eggs, or any of our 14 different half pound hamburgers. As you can see, we have an interesting taste in pub food that you will not find anywhere else in the area. If you like our food so much, then you can have it for lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack because we are open from 11am-2am. So stop by anytime during the day or night to get some great tasting pub food.

The Roo Pub is a great place if you are looking for an exciting and unique style of food. With recipes originating from Australia, you won’t find another pub in the area with the same food that we carry. Make sure to come by today to get a taste for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Monday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Tuesday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Wednesday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Thursday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Friday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Saturday11:00AM - 2:00AM
Sunday11:00AM - 2:00AM


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The Roo Pub

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